Like Gulliver in the land of Lilliput, the women in Wei Dong's paintings seem to be trapped in a shift of the space time continuum, physically dominating the landscapes in which they find themselves. Working in the traditional Chinese media of ink and colour on paper, Wei Dong depicts fleshy women, scantily dressed in garish combinations of masculine garb and feminine lingerie and painted in dense, rich colours, amidst tiny Song-style landscapes painted in tones of grey, black and sepia.

Wei Dong's women accessorize with an extraordinary array of objects culled from Chinese and Western culture: ancient coins and books, dragons and bulldogs, guns and rifles, car logos and cigarette packs, hypodermic needles and safety pins, Ming porcelain and Yixing teapots.


In a new group of works in oil on canvas, pearly-skinned women strike revealing pin-up poses amidst brilliant blue-green landscapes, simultaneously reminescent of Italian Renaissance paintings and those of the Chinese Ming dynasty. The clash of images, traditions and values in his compositions is a reflection, Wei Dong says, of contemporary society, where sex, violence and popular culture dominate traditional mores.


Deja Vu is presented in conjunction with Asian Contemporary Art Week. ACAW is organized by The Asian Contemporary Art Consortium (ACAC), which was established in response to the growing influence of Asian culture and awareness for contemporary Asian art in the United States. Along with a number of museums, galleries, curators and collectors, Plum Blossoms Gallery (USA) is a founding member of the Consortium.

ACAW is a six-day series of programs devoted to viewings, receptions, lectures, performances and a symposium featuring the diverse nature of Asian and Asian American contemporary art. The weeklong event will be taking place from the 5th to the 10th of November, 2002. As part of the gala, Plum Blossoms Gallery (USA) is very proud to be a sponsor of the Art Week and is looking forward to hosting its opening reception on the night of November the 5th along with the other Chelsea area gallery members of the ACAC.


Past works by Wei Dong
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