Born in 1955 in the Southern Malaysian state of Johor, Ahmad Zakii Anwar received his formal art training at the School of Art and Design, MARA Institute of Technology, the breeding ground of many of Malaysia's foremost artists.

One of Southeast Asia¡¦s most desired artists whose talent is gaining increasing recognition in North America, Ahmad Zakii Anwar is, in essence, an old-fashioned figurative painter ¡V a rarity in today¡¦s art market. Not only is he a master at form-controlling, his aesthetic sense is both refined and subtle. This, in turn, enhances traditional figurative virtuosity with a refreshing and contemporary twist. An accomplished draughtsman and colorist, as well as a sensitive portraitist, the depth of his stroke and the luminosity of his tones recall European old masters such as Goya and Manet. Working in his preferred medium, acrylic on canvas, what distinguishes Zakii from others is his evocation of physical and/or psychological dynamism.

Zakii's works are both cerebral and sensual: while visual sensuality is achieved through his soft, painterly brush-work and richly layered tones, the elegant, often spare compositions, inhabited by a lone male protagonist whose face is shrouded in shadow, give his works an introspective quality. Charged with human pathos, his subjects are identifiable and familiar in their isolation. Although alone, they are, one suspects, upon the cusp of decision and liberation. These are not dark works; rather, they are thoughtful and profound, and speak of redemption and hop

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