Plum Blossoms
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Pair Ming Dynasty Tibetan Monastery Pillar Hangings
A pair of antique Tibetan monastery pillar hangings made of late Ming dynasty Chinese polychrome silk and gold brocade patterned with a geometric repeat of floral roundels woven in shades of coral, green, blue orange and plum. The hangings are surrounded by a traditional triangular finials made from patterned damasks in yellow and red. The lower lappets and upper finials are dressed with silk tassles onto which small coral beads have been threaded. The back lining is made of Mughal period, Indian block printed cotton with tree designs and have a workshop mark stamped on the fabric.
The back is inscribed in ink on cotton with a dedication and prayer.
Circa 1600 AD
Each panel: 370 x 69 cm
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