The figure in contemporary Asian art

June 14 íV July 27 - 2002

Plum Blossoms Gallery, NY

Configurations is an exploration of the various ways in which contemporary Asian artists incorporate representations of the human form into their work. In China, figure painting reached its zenith from the Han through the Tang dynasties (206 B.C.-906A.D.), but began to fall out of favor in the 10th/11th century with the ascendancy of landscape painting. In the 20th century, Chinese artists repeatedly turned to figure painting as a means to break away from the rigid strictures of traditional landscape painting and carve out a modern path for the suffocated art of ink painting. Today, using a wide variety of media, Asian artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and China are using the human form in their quest for self-expression and an understanding of identity within their rapidly changing cultures.