HK / NY 
Works by
Maria Lobo and Don KH Kwan
May 16 - June 8, 2002 
Plum Blossoms Gallery, New York 

Maria Lobo and Don Kwan were both born and raised in Hong Kong. They sought training in art elsewhere. While both artists were trained in the techniques and methods of Western art, they have turned to their own cultural heritage for the inspiration that feeds their art. After living and working in California, Maria Lobo has returned to make her home in Hong Kong once again. Don Kwan is presently living and working in New York City. 

Maria Lobo has called herself "a product of colonialism in Asia" and her diverse ethnicity certainly reflects this: she is Chinese, British, Timorese, Portuguese, Macanese and Malay. To the mix she was born with she has added her own experiences living, studying and making art in Europe and the United States. Lobo works in a mixture of media, building imagery and textures in acrylic, oil, paper collage and pumice on canvas. She builds her pictures using the repetition of imagery, such as the gold and silver of prayer papers, almanac pages, the silhouettes of Qing mandarins, and rice bowls. 

In his paintings, Don KH Kwan seeks to convey the majesty of Nature. Like his artistic predecessors in the Chinese literati ink painting tradition, he is not concerned with painting the mountain, but with communicating the inner spirit and emotion contained within the idea of the mountain. Layers of juxtaposed colours and abstracted forms capture the rhythm and majesty of Nature. As with a traditional Chinese landscape, the paintings invite the viewer to enter their depths and join in the artist's creative journey. Don KH Kwan received his MA from Wimbledon School of Art in London in 1999. His paintings have been exhibited and reside in collections in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Maria Lobo - Finding Mother

Don KH Kwan - Untitled

Maria Lobo - Quiet Bowls

Don KH Kwan - Yesterday

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