Recent Paintings by Kumari Nahappan
  October 16 - 29, 2002
  Plum Blossoms Gallery, HK


Hush... presents the most recent works by Kumari Nahappan, from 1998 to 2002. It is our pleasure to host her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. In addition to her vibrant vermillion acrylic paintings, works on paper and some installation works are also on display.



The style embodied in Kumari Nahappan's artwork is altogether simple, low-key, and yet highly thought out. Being built upon her notion of time and space revealed in her past work, Kumari finds the concept of power of silence to be the theme of her latest paintings.

To her, silence is a must for all creative activity. It helps to regenerate one's energy which has been dissipated from everyday routine work. Above all, Kumari emphasizes that her works are not reflective of her religious beliefs, but are rather philosophical statements open to interpretation and rumination.


Kumari Nahappan is a Malaysian-born artist with a strong Hindu cultural background. An individual deeply devoted to her religious roots and traditional upbringing, Kumari is infixed upon daily rituals and practices that provide a sense of order and peace in her life. In turn, her artwork is a channel by which her way of life is expressed, an outlet through which her emotions and thoughts can be diverted.
  Copyright 2002 by Plum Blossoms Gallery and Kumari Nahappan. All rights reserved.