Maria Lobo

Layers of Life

Plum Blossoms (HK) Gallery

November 7-17

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Maria Lobo received her art training in Italy, Spain and the USA.  She returned to Hong Kong in 1994 and her works have since been exhibited in Korea and the USA as well as locally.

Opting for simpler shapes and warm, comforting colors in form and composition, using bowls, leaves and houses as her subject matter, themselves representative of the three main areas of life: food, family, and shelter respectively, Maria embarks upon a fervent search into her own past and heritage, as well as life in general, thus giving rise to the title of this exhibition, Layers of Life.

Layers of Life is about recovering or retracing Lobo’s past. Although the colonial era is behind us, nevertheless, she remains a product of colonialism in Asia: Chinese, British, Timorese, Macanese and Malay. This, in turn, is reflected upon her choice of medium: mixed media on canvas/board. Maria’s work can be appreciated as an exploration of color, texture and shapes. Her techniques include layering and transparency, which are in line with her unique cultural heritage, and serve as a reflection of the environment in which she lives.

Maria Lobo’s works are beautifully executed and pleasing to the eye. More significantly, that they embody the richness and the diversity of different cultures renders them thoughtful and profound. They are the product of a truly talented and creative artist who, through the creative process, gains a better understanding of the self in relation to the environment in which she situates herself.



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