Yesterday and Other Stories:
Changing Notions of Contemporary Chinese Landscape

December 13 íV January 25, 2002

Plum Blossoms Gallery New York

Gallery Hours: Tuesday íV Saturday 10:30 íV 6:30

As the economic, political and social climate in China continues to expand so does the concept of landscape and homeland for several Chinese artists, who now find themselves far from their cultural origins. Spanning four generations of living Chinese painters, this show will foster a dialogue between classical approaches to the landscape and more contemporary representations of longing.

Each work chosen for exhibition reflects the individual place of a Chinese artist in the continuum between the ancient and the modern worlds. The majority of works exhibited were created using the traditional materials of ink and paper.

Artists include:
Qiu De Shu
C.C. Wang
DaJing Qian


Liu Dan
Andrew Lo
Wucius Wong
Lin Yan
George Chang

Qin Feng
Dominic Lam


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